Lowercase - entry in the XX century - "Rebuilding» (XIII - XVI stamps)


The dispensation of the Council of the beholder, 1994





Move towards each other two groups on the left - the clergy, to the right - the laity.

First on the left - in green bishop's robes and flowing red jets - the stigmata of Christ, in a white hood - the helmet of salvation, Tablets of the Covenant on the shoulders and foot - Patriarch Alexy II.

In the hands - the spirit of the temple with the monogram of the Saviour: "PPPP - which is said for the sake of family happiness." Spirit Temple symbolically associated with the action VIII stigma in which angels carry forward the spirit of the temple in the kingdom of heaven - in the III stamp icon with the kings David and Solomon, to the allotted time, and return back to the symbolic action (1994).


For the patriarch - the secular clergy. At the end of the deacon, acolyte, who holds the edge arhieereyskoy mantle - the image of a young Russian Orthodox Church, symbolizing

on the scene the morning of life, which goes on the trail

his evening patriarch. At the foot of the shepherd symbolic plate - stone of faith.


First on the right, in a red cloak-korzno, symbolic costume of ancient princes, as a sign extension ktitorstva tradition - the ruler of Russia - Boris Yeltsin. Outstretched hands to the spirit of the temple - a sign of acceptance of the idea of ​​the church building. Following in a brown robe - the mayor of Moscow, Yuri (Luzhkov)

with drawings of the temple and Kalita red on one side, the city treasury.


Group's short patrons with a piece of gold in their hands - the sacrifice of the laity. At the foot of the symbolic bench, which has a psalm of David: "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it" (Ps. 126: 1). Left chamber with ostroverhnimi dymnitsami - home of the clergy, to the right with Jeweled pediment - the home of the laity. Scarlet velum hanging from the roof - a sign of unity of thoughts gathered, vnutriarhitekturnosti action. At the foot of the symbolic pozёm - a sign of earthly actions Municipality.





September 7, 1994 in the

building Moscow mayor's office

held - A collection of "Public

Supervisory Board

reconstruction of the church

of Christ Saviour. " For the first

time the temple spoke in 1988.

To exhibition in Central

Arena sculptor V. Mokrousov

submitted for review viewers layout of the temple. There also emerged the initiative group of believers. In February 1990, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church appealed to the government to the restoration of the temple in the same place.


July 1, 1992 the President of Russia - Boris Yeltsin signed a decree "On creation of a fund of revival of Moscow", which in the first place was listed as the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Gathered at the town hall - religious public figures: patrons, artists, directors, actors, headed by the Chairman of the Board - Patriarch Alexy II, the vice-chairman of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov decided to begin rebuilding the temple ..