Battle of the White House, 1993





Left - the White House in the form of the medieval citadel 2. Nightfall walls - a sign the unfolding drama. On the roof - the rebels. Acute hostility towards the sky - conceived evil, "they concluded an alliance with death, and with hell are we at agreement "(Isa. 28:15). At the top plate with a clock - a sign of rebellion stopped time: 9:00 46 minutes, when the bridge from Novoarbatsky was sent a volley of tank shells clock stopped. Headgear rebels resembling Budenovka symbolically associated with the action of V stigma "Coming of the Bolsheviks in 1917" - a sign of the phenomenon of spiritual darkness in Russia and its calm.


From the windows of the White House sees the flame and cover the roof, "your breath - a fire that shall devour you" (Is.33: 11). The rebels sit in a symbolic place between heaven and earth - vitivee as a sign of the ordeal of souls in the afterlife. Right - Humpback Bridge move soldiers Kremlin. Over the heads of a banner - mark the beginning of the return to the camp of the Russian army Orthodox traditions. Monogram on banners: «IC XC - Jesus Christ," "TSTSGG - King of kings, Lord of lords."


In the sky, which was the angel - the power of the Lord. Right hand he beats lobster, which falls down, left - closes the barrel Kremlin soldiers - as a sign of stopping the bloodshed, participation in the negotiations of the Russian Orthodox Church (in the Donskoy Monastery). At the foot of the White House - two sredoveka - images gravediggers Bolshevism digs banner. Against the background of the mark - the Kremlin wall - witness the historical action.



2 Detinets - archaic. term: fortification of the ancient town to shelter civilians, women and children.






In October 1993, the walls White House occurred internecine strife between

executive and legislature. With secretly entered Moscow militant members Supreme Council of the besieged White dom.1 Executive power turned on the power of  

the conspirators. The rebels were amazed. Legitimate power is restored.


The scene of battles since the days of ancient Russia reflect the patriotism of the Russian people and illustrious history. Actors are brought - rulers, warriors, laity hierarchy. At the climax of battles portrayed - the angels decide the outcome of battles with the help of God's hands. Represents a scene continues the tradition of military scenes Russian iconography and illustrates spiritual action - fight the heavenly powers for the divine economy.



1 "In the White House from across the country flocked people smell of gunpowder and blood. Transnistrian militants who were Afghans and the Riga OMON. ". (Mlechin LP Formula of Power. From Yeltsin to Putin. - "People and Power". - M .: Tsentrpoligraf, 2000. p. 382).