Construction of the temple of the Savior, 1995-2000





At the bottom of the mark - a cross-shaped foundation of the temple - a symbol of the tragic historical path of Russia, like the way of the cross of the Savior. In the center in the everyday clothes of the saint, azure robe and brown robes - signs arduous journey from celebrations to everyday work - Patriarch Alexy II. The right hand - in a gesture of blessing, the left - the staff of the Board. Around the patriarch - the participants recreate - images of the "living stones" of the church, of which the temple is built, "Ye also, as lively stones are built up a spiritual house" (Peter 2: 5).


In the red robe - painter with a symbolic cup and monogrammed "WB - Vapa God" 1, in a brown robe - digger with a hammer on which the monogram "RB - byst servant." Hammer excavator symbolically associated with the action VIII stigma in which the wicked demolish the temple: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone" (Ps. 117, 22). Hammer digger - a sign of destruction and creation, return to the path of its own, "a time to break and time to build, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones together" (Eccl. 3: 3-5). In a white robe - the architect with blue bricks and monogrammed "OOBK-found stone from God." Reproducers mark - collegiality Russian crafts, "they all gather and come to you" (Isa. 49:18). Left - Chamber - craftsmen's workshops. Right - Chapel of the Icon of the Reigning Mother of God, which began construction.


In kontrrelefy foundation vchercheny eight symbolic slots - eight layers formed at this point in Russian history: 1st layer (bottom-up) - traces of ancient settlements in the IX century, the 2nd layer - two burial ground, one above the other XV-XVIII vekov2, 3rd layer - a reminder of the women's monastery Alexeyev and provincial Church of All Saints, 4th layer - the foundation of the first Temple of the Savior, the 5th layer - tragic - the explosion of the temple December 5, 1931, the 6th layer - the foundation of the Palace of Soviets, 7 th layer - Pool Moscow, 8th plastic foundation of the restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Multistage slides with white leschadkami sign phased construction of the temple, the ascent of the spirit builders. Greens - the rebirth of life.



1 Vapa - Gr. βαφα- paint.

2 discovered during excavation for foundations of the first church in 1838.






In 1994 was established - Financial Support Fund to rebuild the Temple Savior. Building divided into many phases - the creation of

financial base, architectural

design, installation of foundations, building walls, interior and exterior, casting domes, bells, manufacturing gates, the device of the surrounding area.


After three years in the Fund were first billionaire donations from individuals

and government agencies. At the construction site worked 1,700 specialists, 1,500 designers.

Above decoration worked more than 360 sculptors and artists. Temple of the Savior, it was decided to establish on the basis of -fundamenta Palace of Soviets, allows to keep the weight of the temple in 80 thousand tons. If the erection of the Temple of the Savior in the XIX century it took 44 years old, is the use of modern building technology, install it

over 5 years.