Archangel Michael defeats Satan in Red Square, 1987





Later on Red Square winged horse presented Archangel Michael in a symbolic action. In his right hand - the wand warrior, topped with a cross, - a victory over the devil. On the staff of the monogram "NIKA - in Greek. Overcome, "" K - spear "," OMO - Weapon overcoming the world. " In his left hand - trumpets - the voice of the Church Militant. Precious gospel - the word of God. Smoldering Censer - incense revelation. Wedge-shaped armor - armor of heaven, "put on righteousness as a breastplate" (Isa. 59:17). Tiara on his head, turning into a rumor - a sign of connection with God.


Under the feet of the Archangel - the adversary - the outgoing time. By tradition, the image of the animal way - Satan bear paws from behind stick turned to the sky webbed wings - a sign of resistance to light. On the belly mask - lurking death. Right leg merges with the Red Square - a sign of Satan's spirit dwelling in Russia. Left - goes to the Spasskaya Tower. Satan has not yet been defeated, his spirit hovers around the Kremlin, but struck in the language, for he says, but no one hears voices "from the ashes of thy speech shall whisper" (Isa. 29: 4).


Above the head of the Archangel - curved sphere - the sky god, in which red color symbolizes - "ogneobrazny throne" of God 3, white - spiritual purity, green - the rebirth of life. In the segment of the sky - the image of Christ - Emmanuel - Logos sent down, a reasonable basis for peace. On the table in the form of two bowls paten, chalice - the proposed path. Against the background of the mark: Red Square, Spasskaya Tower, the Kremlin wall, St. Basil's Cathedral - witnesses of historical action. The Spassky Tower - number seven - the end of the reign of the evil one (1917-1987). Golden horse hoof Michael - overthrow.



3 Quoted by Vasily .: Arsenyev. See .: Philosophy of Russian religious art XVI-XX centuries. Anthology, Issue 1. M .: Progress, Culture, 1993, p. 143.





In 1987, Russia began perestroyka.1 seven years before this event happened sacred action - in the Cathedral of the Archangel Moscow Kremlin flew fireball and hit in the royal doors ikonostasa. 2 Visible image was revealed - subverting the sword in the mouths of hosts, the Logos, turning the old clock: "In that day the LORD his sword heavy, big and strong, Leviathan" (Isa. 27: 1).


Image volatile warrior archangel Michael meets with the traditional folk ideas about punishing celestial force. Archangel Michael appears the focus of spiritual action, beats the darkness. According to Dionysius the Areopagite, nine ranks of angels rank - Michael first rebelled against Satan fallen away from God, gathered against him the host of heaven. Represents a scene continues the tradition of Russian iconography and shows - struggle of Light and Darkness.



1 According to another version of history perestroika began with the arrival of Gorbachev to power, with March 1985.

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