Killing the brotherhood of Christ the Savior





Against the background of yellow slides, personifying - mestodeystvie, landscape, presented a scene of martyrdom making members of the Brotherhood. White robes of the Brotherhood - a victory over death, "He who overcomes shall be clothed in garments Belyja" (Rev. 3: 5). Bichevki on his hands - the bonds of suffering. Dressed in a red jacket with a pentagram

on the forehead, in blue pants, gold-plated kampagah - a sign of betrayal of God: "It is not surprising, because even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light" (Cor. 11:14) - the wicked commit the killing of the Brotherhood.


Taking the death of the wicked, Senior Priest of the temple father Alexander who appeared transfers

angels from heaven in the symbolic action - the key to the Temple of the Savior. Drooping wings of angels - stop signs. Tapes

behind the ears - rumors, for which they receive a commandment from God. In the hands of the second angel - the spirit of the Temple of the Savior. Finding the key and the spirit of the church, the angels carry their symbolic action, the Kingdom of Heaven, in the III stamp icons, David and Solomon, to allotted time: "I the Lord will hasten it in its time" (Isa. 60:22). High hills - a sign of the ascent of the spirit of the martyrs. Doorway between slides - the crash site wicked spirit. Zelen- rebirth of life.





The scene tells of acceptance

martyrdom members

Brotherhood. November 27,

1922 held in Moscow

the process of "five hundred

priests "13 members

Brotherhood sentenced -

to death. Charge

reduced - Resistance

authorities, concealing church valuables, of rebellion, secret monasticism.


The organizer of the Brotherhood of Father Alexander Hotovitsky was exiled to Turukhansk region

on the settlement, returning from, served some time rector Deposition of the Robe in the street Don. In 1937, Father Alexander was again captured and sent to the last link, from which

not returned. The exact date and place of death of members of the Brotherhood are not known. Action scenes