Restoration of the patriarchate, 1917





In the center of the stigma dressed in symbolic gloomy mantle - a sign of tragedy image - Metropolitan Tikhon of Moscow and Kolomna. The right hand - a sign of the cross on the left the Gospel - "Light in the Darkness." Referring to the forthcoming on his knees, Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev and Galicia, it takes a staff of government.

On the head monk hood - mark Dress schema Russia, dating back to the catacombs.


Behind the blue house, divided into two parts, in which: the left symbolizes - Donskoy Monastery, where was given the news of the election of a saint, right - the Assumption Cathedral, where the enthronement. Left - the prison, where a guard who escaped. Budenovka, bayonet, pentagram on the forehead - a sign of betrayal fellow Christians: "betrayed <...> gave them signs" (Mk. 14:44).


In the yellow wall - a symbolic trifoli 3 - a sign of hidden part of the action triipostasnogo Deity 4. Scarlet velum, falling from the roof, - symbol of the flame thoughts ministers vnutriarhitekturnosti action. Symbolic step in the legs Metropolitan Vladimir - Russia's path in the twentieth century.



3 trifoli - Lat. trifolium, tria - three, folium - leaf - shamrock.

4 Triipostasnoe Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.





August 15, 1917 in Moscow

opened the Local Council

Russian Orthodox Church,

which discussed

the restoration of patriarchal

Procession. On passing the

Assumption Cathedral of the divine

Noah Christian liturgy

anxiously watched the two

vacant throne: Left - Royal, and right - Patriarch. "Before God and the king was, - grumbled the people - and now neither God nor the King! Nicholas II abdicated, the patriarch not, Russia is like an ark on the waves of unbelief. "1


November 5, 1917 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior took the election of His Holiness, which brought together 12 thousand people. Of the three candidates for the throne, was elected Metropolitan Tikhon of Moscow and Kolomna. After the election of the members of the Holy Council moved to the Donskoy Monastery, where they told the waiting Metropolitan Tikhon of electing a saint. On the appointed day, November 21, 1917 on the feast of Presentation of Mary in the Assumption Cathedral held enthronement.


"Breath of the spirit of the Bolshevik hatred and destruction - that's what we feel when a high spiritual ascent out of the Cathedral of the Assumption - wrote an eyewitness celebrations - After leaving the Cathedral and" countless crowds of people at the approach of Patriarch Tikhon knelt. Red Army men took off their hats, the patriarch blessed the people. <...>. Kremlin Bolshevik guards glanced askance

in the process, but to express displeasure

did not dare. "2



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