Destruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, 1931





Processional action on stage - demolition of the temple before the explosion. The walls of the Temple of the Savior are presented on the eastern side - from the Alexander Garden. In the middle was zakomary - bas-relief of the Vladimir Mother of God, on the edges of the images of St. Tsarina Alexandra and St. Mary Magdalene. Climbing on the walls of the church, the wicked are dismantling the walls: "And the robbers shall enter into

and defile it. <...> Do you see what they do? the great abominations (Ezek. 8: 6).


In his right hand a Bolshevik, dressed in a red jacket, "And in the beauty of his ornament, they turned it into a pride and make him their vile images of idols" (Ezek. 7:20) - a symbolic hammer with the monogram "RB - slave byst" he makes two symbolic action: the first - Decrees

plotyanoe3 on the banner - a sign of the new government, the second - beats the double-headed eagle - the symbol of autocracy.


Stairs Bolsheviks - signs spiritual fall, instead of climbing. Skeletons on the domes - an allegory of the Orthodox Russian sky, converted into a prison bars. The walls of the Kremlin - the souls of the martyrs who suffered for their faith in Christ. White shrouds and gold sling - signs of resurrection. In kontrrelefy wall monogram "VVVVG - return to heaven all faithful to the Lord." Kremlvskaya wall, the Kremlin towers - symbolize the altar of Russia.






June 16, 1931 at meeting of the

Committee on the Presidium

of the Central Executive

Committee of worship it was

decided to demolish the

Temple of the Savior. Specialists

"Vzryvselproma prepared

destructive plan: "In the

beginning blow up the wall,

and then pylons, the latest blow

in two stages, the first - when explodes

part of the tower at a height clearances on the dome, ie at elevations of 40 meters, and second, when the rest of the blows. "1


According to the testimony of Moscow veteran who witnessed the explosion, on the opposite side of the Moscow River - were established viewing platforms for receiving guests Kremlin. Cameraman destruction, wrote: "At dawn we were given the signal to enable the camera and start shooting, and a terrible plan that was implemented during the forty-five minutes ..." 2. December 5, 1931 was blown Christ the Savior Cathedral.



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