January 7, 1995 - on the feast of the Nativity Christ passed tab Temple of the Savior. The

ceremony gathered thousands of Muscovites and visitors.

Procession passed under the scheme in 1839, the year when pawned firstborn.

From the Assumption Cathedral

to Alekseevskii hill - The procession moved.


On the way there were students of the Moscow military schools. Priests carried the miraculous icon of the Vladimir, Smolensk, Iberian Mother of God, which enclosed with sometime before the Battle of Borodino Wall of China-urban and white wall. Upon arrival bookmarks, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and sprinkled it on the foundation established by the cross of Calvary as a reminder of the way the Savior. After the service

he delivered a message to descendants letter and put it in the capsule. On a bricked-up foundation hoisted brought from Bethlehem stone.




Bookmark stone, 1995





In the center - a stone with a cross tab - a sign of resurrection life, victory over the devil.

On the branches of the cross of gold monogram "KHVV - the cross of Christ proclaims the resurrection"; "CCC - the cross - the beauty of the church," "KBYA - cross - demons plague", "CCA - Cross - Church beginning." 1 Right - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II. In his left hand - the gospel - the covenants of the church; on the right - sprinkler - sign Blessing of the Waters. For the patriarch - Deacon with blessing of water bowl, a priest with the sacrifice of Christians.


From the depths of the stage singing religious procession marches. Over the heads of the banners images Smolensk Mother of God, - a guide to the Russian army

in the war against Napoleon (the sign due to the stigma I); St. images. Saint Nicholas and

St. Alexander Nevsky - backers of the royal house. On gonfalons Monogram:

"PPP - sing, read, worship," "XXXX - Christ banners Christians praise."


Left in a symbolic gesture of laying the foundation stone - the mayor of Moscow, Yuri (Luzhkov). Behind him a group of laywomen with the icon of the Savior Not Made by Hands - a sign of connection with the II branded icons,

in which the Emperor Alexander I gives a vow of erecting the Temple of the Savior in Moscow. Over the heads of laywomen dvuhprolёtnaya belfry under ciborium scarlet - a symbol of the flame of thought. Beat in the voice of heaven - kampagi, ringer calls Christians to a celebration.


For the patriarch of the High Court with double-height windows - a sign of joining two broken paths Russia: past - and present autocratic - new Russian. Against the background of the mark - the Kremlin wall with a symbolic trifoli - a sign of hidden participation of the heavenly powers. At the foot of the stage pozёm -

sign earthly actions Alexis Hill.



1 A - Alpha, Greek. άλφα - beginning.