Bookmark Christ the Savior Cathedral near the Kremlin, 1839





At the bottom of the mark - a cruciform church with the foundation into the earth orange jets - a sign of communication with Russian history, and deploy them over the tent, the tent - the shadow of the ark of God. Left - with mortgage tiles Protopopovskiy marble and blesses gesture of his right hand - Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow. Behind him in the distance - the architect Tone. Right - Phillips gilded tiles - Tsar Nicholas I «Unforgettable." Next - Tsarevich Alexander Nikolayevich (future Alexander II), in a military cloak, podlatnom vests, kampagah - a sign of the future king "Liberator". Behind him in a purple tunic younger brother of the Emperor - Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. For sovereign - wife Alexandra. Sinklit3 group closes. At the foot of the Metropolitan - a bridge thrown across the Moscow River from the Luzhniki Stadium, a place of new construction - Alekseevskii hill. The bridge is rolling cart with stone temple the first tab on the Sparrow Hills - a sign of connection with the previous event - from the birth of ideas to their implementation. Left to the High Court - the kingdom of heaven, pokrovlyayuschee action icons symbolic tent. Inside the House - the Old Testament prophets, kings David and Solomon. King David's son Solomon Hart sends the text of the psalm: "Arise, O Lord, to thy resting place, - Thou and the ark of thy strength" (Ps. 131: 8). Images of the prophets represent the sacred bonds of the Russian government with Israel. As David's son continued the work of Solomon rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem, so continued construction of the temple of the Savior in Moscow, Nicholas I, after his brother Alexander I. Multi-slide - the sign of a phased construction of the temple. Herbs in the mountains - flowering of a new life.



3 synod - Gr. σύγκλητος - know courtyard.





The first building of the Temple

Christ the Savior Cathedral,

begun on the Sparrow Hills

Alexander I, wasstopped by

death sovereign. Continuator

sacred vow Nicholas I

approved a new project

architect Ton, choosing a new

location for the construction -

to the left of the Kremlin, on the site of a female and a provincial Aleksei Monastery Church of All Saints. July 20, 1838, Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow moved sacred objects from the first tab on the Sparrow Hills specifically induced across the Moscow River bridge. September 10, 1839 has witnessed tab. From the Cathedral of the Assumption by the Secret Gate, along the bank of the Moskva River, The procession moved. Led war invalids were 1812, 200 priests carried the miraculous icons and images of the Iberian Vladimir Mother of God. For the Metropolitan was the Emperor Nicholas I, Empress Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexander, Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the maid of honor, civil officials, senators, generals, foreign guests. Tab Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow turned to the Old Testament time, linking it with the present: "The Russians, we read in today's incidents ancient book Bogopravimyh kingdoms! Sacred time pass before us in our deeds of kings! What consolation for the faith! What hope for the fatherland! "1. Referring to the Emperor, he reminded him of the early construction of the temple of his brother Alexander I: «You, and one of his brethren, then stood by him, - now we see that even if you have to perform sacred vow Almighty Sovereign Brother Reigning hand." 2



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