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12.01.2010g. Number 2


Artist, iconographer, the restorer of old Russian painting

Kurakins SS

Tel. 89262296794


Dear Sergey!


You write a new image of Our Lady, an icon named "new Russian" and addressed to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill in the form of a life-size reproductions, as well as the accompanying album with stamps and disclosures carefully considered Synodal Liturgical Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church.


The very icon of the Mother of God is written very professionally and efficiently. Execution of gutter indicates you iconographic canon of knowledge about your skill, technique possession of a beautiful iconography, good taste. Image As Virgin and Christ Child are quite traditional, indicating that alignment with the best examples of the iconographic art. These positive qualities novopisannogo image correctly noted artist AN Ovchinnikov, who gave feedback on the work done by you.


As you know, Orthodox icon called "theology in colors", "window to Gony world." The icon is designed to provide a means of handling the mind of the human heart to the mountain - to God, Mother of God, angels and saints. Throughout the history of the Orthodox Church in Her bowels were born many and varied Mother of God, but their glorification of the human expression of the will did not happen, but the special intercession and favor CIOMS Queen of Heaven. Through the facts phenomenon Marian icons, their miraculous move through the images granted by healing pious Christians made it clear that one or the other way most pleasing to the Mother of God.


In this regard, I note that, since you have been given, in your testimony, a revelation, then before you start incurred by long work on the creation of the image it would be right to appeal to the hierarchies of the blessing and advice. In this case, your job would be given an orientation to write the image to the temple is quite specific. Also in the process you would have the opportunity to resolve the clergy, church scientists and specialists unavoidable when creating monumental works of spiritual matters would be alerted in case of errors and waste from the traditions of religious art. In other words, your job would be not just your own labor, but a matter of the Church, committed to the glory of God, in the celebration of the Holy Virgin you - not so much as an artist, but as a member of the Holy Church, speaking the language of iconography.


Regarding the content, primarily stamps and monograms, inscription and other details of the pictures and other images, I would like to note the following. In the Church's history and iconography, I would like to note the following. In the history of the Church and iconographic heritage known the manifold variants of the marks, but they are necessarily related to the content of the main image. Widely distributed in different epochs by the Mother of God, in which chronicled stamps, for example, the Akathist to the Mother of God. However, the reflection in the image of the Virgin with the fate of the temple, even the main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, is unusual and unconventional. Seen rational connection between mullion and content of the marks is difficult.


Each of the stamps, as an icon, is intended not only to specify a particular aspect of whole image, but also to glorify the picture it an event. A number of brands, relating both to the history of the Temple in the XX century, and recent history, it is difficult to relate to this criterion. For example, what event is celebrated stigma having inscription "Bolsheviks came to power, in 1917?"

       In addition, treatment for the tip on the work done by the Scientific and Restoration Center of IS Grabar is not quite appropriate, since the activities of this world-renowned institution is still in the field of cultural and historical heritage.


Taking into account the absolute professionalism of the author and a high level of engineering work done, Bogomluzhebnaya Synodal Commission notes artistic value represented by the image as a work of art, but is it possible to recommend it only for private worship.

Accept, dear Sergey, wishes for good health, you strength and God's help in your creative work.






Archbishop Nut-Zuevsky,

Chairman of the Commission