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REVIEW ON THE ICON "The Virgin of the new Russian, in the stigma,"

Write in Moscow

Sergei Sergeyevich Kurakin a painter in 2008.


"Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his usual"

(Ps. 105, Article 4)


Many Fathers of the Church III-IV centuries in their sermons constantly repeated the idea that the "vision leads to faith rather than a rumor."


 There are a lot of icons, where the heavenly forces, led by the Orthodox army win countless Gentiles. And here it should be noted that a feature that is characteristic of the Eastern Christian world view, namely, that all such never revered as an illustration of the verbal text.

That there is such as Radzivilovsky chronicle of the XV century or Face chronicles the XVI century with sixteen thousand miniatures. That there is such a grand icon of the XVI century from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, as the "Church Militant", where the Orthodox army preside Heavenly Forces led by the Archangel Michael and St. George, Demetrios, Boris and Gleb, or icon of the "Battle of Novgorod and Suzdal or image "Image history Mamay" attributed to the hagiographic icon of the XVII century "Sergius of Radonezh" from the collection of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, and so on.


Many icons of the XVII century "Our Lady of Vladimir" in stamps depicted siege Temir Aksak, moving to Moscow and who saw in a dream the Virgin surrounded by angels, as well as a high mountain with the descent bishops led by St. Nicholas (then Temir Aksak retreated from Moscow "anyone not persecuted").


Such an approach to the interpretation of the history of the interpretation of the history of the spirit allowed her to comprehend the metaphysical relationship with the Will of the Creator, and it is this understanding of history was the main binding force of a great empire.

But in modern iconography scale phenomena began to lose its relevance and, unfortunately, are extremely rare. Therefore, writing a large icon Sergey Kurakin should be considered as an appeal to church history to the iconography. The time has come to bring not only in concrete and bronze difficult history of Orthodoxy, but also to return the spiritual significance of martyrdom, war losses and victories of the modern era, because without proper understanding and evaluation of spiritual scared out of the era of "revival" of the Church will be short-lived. Too much and a little over quickly from human memory goes the greatest events, and only church Eternal memory can save spiritual exploits a great nation.


Icon of "Our Lady of the new Russian" in stamps is written in compliance with the traditions of old Russian icon painting and represents the artistic value.


Art restorer of old Russian painting

Honored Art Worker

A.N. Ovchinnikov

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