Icon of the Mother of God of Novorusskaya. Moscow 1998-2008

Size of the icon: 202x153 cm.



History of creation:

The basis for writing the image served as a kind of vision of the author. According to an icon painter in 1998 it was revealed the image of the Virgin and Child Christ carrying the Christ the Savior Cathedral, "woven in the air ethereal strings." After seeing the image of the author made

3 sketch, one of which came in the iconography. Should begin work on an icon, which has won

10 years as a result. The name of the icon "Our Lady of the new Russian" was chosen "simultaneously with the vision and was associated with the time of writing icons - Russia's entry into the new century Russian." The work was conducted on ancient technology, paints were ground by hand. When writing by authors writing techniques used kononicheskie ancient Russian icons. After finishing work, Kurakin turned to Patriarch Kirill for the consecration of the icon "Our Lady of the new Russian" and accepted by the Church. In a review of image Synod recognized in it a "work of art", but recommended him "to private worship" (A Synod).




The plot is put icons

History of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior.


Iconographer divided ikonuna 3 registers, in accordance with EU history temple top "Construction - XIX century" average "Destruction - XX Century" lower "Rebuilding - accession to the XXI Century". According to the author centerpiece of the icon (central part) - reflects the idea of ​​the struggle for the divine economy on earth. The central image of the Virgin personifies - Catholic Church. Temple in the hands of the Divine Child - represents "the image of God in which He invites to enter, in itself, and is itself in the food.". Kremlin wall - identifies an unbreakable wall of Our Lady, as a spiritual fence Kremlin. Scenes around the centerpiece - reflect human passions occurring around the temple. This arrangement around the main action - the Virgin Mary, the Holy Synod called non traditional "reflected in the image of the Virgin fate of the temple, even the main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, is unusual and unconventional. Seen rational connection between mullion and content of the marks is difficult "

(A Synod).