Sergey Sergeevich Kurakin

(born September 19, 1958, Moscow).


Russian artist, portraitist, icon painter, restorer of Old Russian painting. The author of the «Novorussian Icon of the Mother of God», dedicated to the history of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.  


In 1977 he graduated from the «MSHSH at the Institute. IN AND. Surikov».

In 1975 - starred in the x. / f. «Peasant son» directed by I. Tarkovskaya.

In 1986 he graduated from the «MGHI named after. IN AND. Surikov».

In 1989 he created the rock trio «Stoke Reck».

From 1993-2005. - was engaged in the restoration of ancient Russian icons and collecting.

The icons, restored by S. Kurakin, are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery and private collections:

«Nikola Zaraysky in the Lives», XV century. (collection of VA Bondarenko). Holidays  «Christmas of Christ» and «The Nativity of the Virgin», sex. XVIII century. (State Tretyakov Gallery)

«St. Basil the Blessed», con. XVI century.,

(TG) «Sunday with Holidays», XVI century.

«Transfiguration", XVI century. and others in private colleges.  

A portrait painter performing work on icon-painting technology, tempera on boards.

In 2004, the album «The Big Collection. Portrait. Russian painting». «Publishing House White City», which, along with the works of Russian classics, included portraits of S. Kurakin: «Portrait in a Bandana», «A Girl at a Window».  


Other portraits of «Prosh», «Bathsheba», «Judith» ...


The Currently engaged in the execution of sketches for mosaics in Italy.